Why 2 Griffins Design & Build? Simple: We are the best at what we do. We not only provide top level service throughout the design and building stages, but you end up with a beautiful, functional product. We provide communication unmatched by other contractors, and we provide competitive prices.

  • Top Level Service: Our project designers have extensive construction experience. They not only look for the most functional solution, but also for the solution that provides the best symmetry for seamless integration into your home for that fabulous final look. Our installers have extensive construction experience, as well, and are of the highest caliber available in the market today. They know how to solve any installation issues so that the final product looks exactly as designed and is to your standard.

  • Beautiful and Functional Finished Product: Not only is it well made, but when we build any project, we focus first on the design. After the design is in place, we then make any necessary adjustments in the field to ensure the final project looks great and functions properly. We ensure our projects are ADA-accessible when necessary, have the most ergonomic flow possible, and are outfitted with the most suitable finish details.

  • Unmatched Communication Platform: For each project, we use a web-based platform for communication that links us with you seamlessly and instantly. This communication includes a calendar with planned events; a chart of expected and scheduled install dates; the ability to send contract amendments to be virtually signed instantly to keep the project in progress; the ability to send alerts and installation date reminders to the installers and customer via text, email, or the web; and the ability to load all the job documents (e.g. architectural drawings, scope of work, and fit/finish documents) online for you and the installers to review.

  • Competitive Prices: Our economical prices are fueled by our efficiency in communication and top level service. We use the latest hardware and software available on the market to ensure that we can keep our company as efficient as possible. The combined 70 years' industry experience between the owners has also helped cultivate a multitude of relationships with vendors and suppliers that get us the most reasonable prices on materials around. This allows us to maintain a highly competitive price to any other contractor providing the same service as us...that is, if you can even find another contractor providing the same level of service or project quality as we do!


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